Natalie Wonder – Watching Her Carry Out The Unthinkable…And You Both Love Every Second Of It HD 720p

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Script —> Hi I have another idea for a step-mom/step-mom’s boyfriend/step-mom’s step-son scenario. This would be a pov via the step-mother’s boyfriend. The boyfriend talks about his shameless desire to watch his MILF girlfriend perform sexual acts on her young step-son. They discuss the plan, kiss, flirt and joke about how fucked up they are. To watch a step-mother inappropriately touch her own step-son like THAT? She loves the idea. They’re definitely meant to be together. Step-Mom’s not sure how her step-son will agree to this but she’s determined to figure something out. Step-Son’s still at school but the bus should be dropping him home any minute. Step-Son comes in and step-mommy tells him to sit down. How was his day at school today? Step-Son gets upset because the bullies beat him up again. Step-Mom looks at her boyfriend with a smirk. She’s got an idea. She tells her step-son he needs to fight back. Step-Mommy’s going to teach him a good lesson today. She’ll pretend to be a big bully and hold him down while step-son struggles to get her off. But step-mom and boyfriend both know what’s REALLY going to happen. Somehow, through all the struggling and manipulation, step-mommy will undress her boy, grope him, touch him and then his dick inside her pussy. Holding him down will feel even more exciting. And of course he’s no match for step-mommy’s strength. He’s still quite small and lanky.

Please turn to the camera a lot telling me (your boyfriend) to jerk it while you fuck your step-son. You love the fact that your boyfriend is getting off hard while watching you do this most immoral act. Super nasty talk. You switch back and forth between sweet step-mom and forcible step-mom. You’re a step-mother getting horny from holding down your darling boy, feeling his dick slide in and out of you. You cum first but then you want your boyfriend and step-son to cum together. You fuck your step-son’s cock really hard and really fast. You’re not going to stop until he can’t take it no more and blows his hot semen inside you. Thanks again in advance! You are the best!

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