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Sweetie! You’re on the floor! Did you faint?! Wake up!! Baby please, wake up! Can you hear me??! Omg you’re not breathing. No no no baby PLEASE wake up! Step-Mommy’s going to give you CPR. Breathe for me….please baby…take my breathe into you…I’m sorry I’m pushing on your chest hard but I have no choice. I can’t lose you! I love you so much, please don’t leave me! There you are! You’re opening your eyes…oh thank goodness! You’re okay! I thought I had…lost you.

What if I wasn’t home? I…I don’t even want to think about that. I can’t imagine my life without you. I just love you so much. I wouldn’t be able to live without you. You’re my everything. This made me realize something. Tomorrow isn’t promised. It’s now or never. This is probably not the best time to say this but I have to. I’ll regret it if I don’t confess my feelings to you. Baby, step-mommy loves you SO MUCH that somedays…all I can think about is being with you…loving you in all types of ways. I love you, I love your brain and how smart you are…but I also want to love your body. I want to feel the love between our warm bodies together. I don’t want another minute to pass by without expressing the deep feelings I have for you, my boy. Everything happens for a reason. Baby, let’s make love. I want to make love to you right here…right now…

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