Nala Brooks – “Fat Girl” Got Hot at College and Makes it “Hard” for Her Step-Brother HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Tony’s step-sister Nala got in late the night before and he didn’t get a chance to see her. She’s been away at college for months and he’s on the phone with his friend saying he can’t hang out because he has to catch with with her, so now he is stuck listening to stupid “fat-jokes” about Nala. She was always Really pretty but she did have A LOT of weight on her. But when Nala comes into the room Tony sees that she has REALLY gotten into shape but somehow kept her HUGE tits. Her Body is PERFECT She asks him to help her stretch and her foot “accidently” touches his hard cock and she teases him. Tony quickly makes an excuse and goes to take a cold shower

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