Mona Wales – Overdue Fines HD 720p


Starring Mona Wales and Rock

Rock goes to the library to check out some books, but as it turns out he owes $57 in overdue fees and the librarian wont let him check the books out until he pays his fines. Rocks not happy about his fines because he doesnt know how to pay for his fees, and he really wants to check out those books because hes a really avid reader. Unfortunately the library clerk is new and she cant make an exception and tells him to come back on Monday, and this makes him sad because he wants those books over the weekend. Rock knows what he has to do. As hes leaving, he slaps the special timepiece on his wrist, and the librarian freezes. But before he takes his books home for a nice weekend in, he decides to take advantage of this situation and have some fun with the librarian. First he slowly undresses her, revealing a fun, perky pink bra under her white button-up blouse. He removes her skirt and shirt and dances with her frozen body. Then he lays her down on her desk and spreads her legs, placing a book atop her pussy before he strips off her nylons and and starts to fondle her pussy. He pulls out his dick and uses her hand to jerk him off before turning her head and slipping into her mouth. he fucks her face for a while, and then decides to go a little further. He fucks her on the desk, her tits jiggling as he pounds her. Than he picks her up and carries her over to the wall-length bookshelf, posing her so she bends over with her leg up on the shelf. He fucks her from behind, then flips her around and holds her leg up and fucks her until he cums. Then he places her back in her chair, naked, takes his books and goes home for a nice mellow weekend full of reading.

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Category: FREEZE
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