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Script: You are my hot mom and you always wear revealing clothes around the house. Unbeknownst to you this makes me hard and cause me to start having sexual thoughts about you. One night I go to bed and when I close my eyes all I can think about is your sexy body which turns into a wet dream in which you tempt me with your boobs and ass trying to get me to cum. I eventually get close and you tell me to cum for you but dreams ends before I can with you waking me up. Later we are eating at the table and talking about school you tell me that my teacher called saying that I have been very distracted during class and wanted know why. While you are talking about solutions to this problem, my eyes start to wander down to your boobs which are almost falling out of your top and as I look your voice starts to fade out and I enter a daydream where you tease me by shoving your boobs in my face and then telling me to suck on them. After a while, you give me a titjob to finish me off. As I am about to cum I am pulled out if the fantasy by you calling me as I wasn’t listening and I excuse myself after eating. Later on I am studying at the table when you come into the kitchen to prepare dinner and you decide to talk to me while doing the preparation. As we talk you bend down a lot showing off your ass and once again eventually your voice fades out and I daydream about your ass. In this daydream you come over to me get me to spank you a few times and also to grope your ass as it is so soft. To prove it, you sit on my crotch and grind yourself on me to convince me. Soon I get a boner and you can feel it poking you. You get off and remove my pants and grind your ass against my dick. Getting close you once again tell me to cum but there is a loud bang and the dream ends as you accidentally dropped a pan or something. You apologize for scaring me and I say it’s ok and decide to help you. That night in bed I have a wet dream about you again and you tempt me with your boobs and ass, giving me a titjob and assjob in the dream. Not content with cum on you, eventually you climb on top of me and ride me. While riding you confess as to why you wear such sexy clothes and what you expected me to do to you. After my response you say it doesn’t matter as you are finally getting what you wanted since I became old enough. Eventually you want me to cum inside you to show you how much I love you and you pick up your speed begging me to cum and I do. After calming down, you thank me give me a few kisses you tell me to relax and wake up. The video ends with your face coming closer whispering wake up over and over until the dream ends.

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