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Ever since I started becoming interested in girls I’ve developt quite a vivid imagination when it comes to masturbating.

The closes female figure I had growing up was my step-mother like any young man with a single step-mother at that age your step-mother is definitely not apart of your sexual fantasies in any shape or form but I was different and step-mom was hot… I started masturbating to female magazines, then late-night porn and finally the internet came around with its amazing repertoire of sexual fantasies to explore without any restrains on my young hormonal perverted mind. I could now indulge in every perverted thought I could think of and have access to more ideas on how to get off.

My young self was so happy with what was on offer but so much sexual content can become stale and boring after many many jerkoff sessions until one life changing night when I accidentally came across

a taboo site that involved step-mother and step-son intimate sexual experiences, a site that made one of the most taboo subjects into the most exciting fantasy I could think of.

I now more than anything in the world wanted to have sex with my step-mother.

I keep having these weird and fantastic erotic fantasies with my step-mother ever since, and they keep getting more intense and real.

My last fantasy happened not too long ago and it all started with a little cut on my finger while helping step-mom with dinner.

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