Kelly Payne – Mom is a distraction HD 1080p

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Your mom is concerned with your academics she’s been trying her best to help you with your courses but it seems your grades have slipped… she wants to help you, but… she needs to know what is going on. You finally admit after some conversation that your distracted… by what? your moms tits.. she normally wears quite revealing outfits and you admit to being rather distracted by her. She notices your arousal and tells you to visit the restroom, while she’s working on some laundry you ask her again while checking her out for some lunch. Once in the kitchen she notices you staring at her tits again and decides she’ll just show you her tits as long as you promise not to tell anyone. But as she exposes herself she realizes this has only increased your arousal and you tell her you’ll tell dad if she doesn’t undress completely, then you have her bend over while you jerk off… becoming increasingly aroused you can’t help yourself and come up behind her as she’s bent over and start fucking her. She’s starled at first but bent forward and cant… or maybe cant decide if she wants you to stop… She pulls away after awhile but then agrees to mutually masturbate instead… which only increases her own arousal and she decides, fuck it… and tells you to fuck her.

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