Jessica Starling – Valentine’s Day Home Wrecker Riding POV 4K

Valentine’s Day Home Wrecker Role Play Impregnation Fantasy Riding

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you return home to find a beautiful woman in red lingerie atop your bed — but it’s not your wife. It’s your wife’s best friend. She explains your wife won’t be home until late tonight, giving her the opportunity to spend Valentine’s with you. She’s always had a thing for you. It’s a shame your wife got to you first. But she’d be better for you. You both know that — and she’s MUCH more sexy. In fact, your wife kind of pales in comparison to her, doesn’t she? Your wife’s best friend puts you cock in between her soft, natural tits and lets you fuck them. She knows your wife’s tits aren’t that big, you could never fuck them like this. Your wife is nothing compared to her. She gets on top and rides you unlike anyone has before. You’re in awe as you watch her bounce up and down on your cock. Her pussy makes you weak. She’s still fucking you hard when she tells you she wants you to leave your wife. She wants you to leave her on Valentine’s Day. She’s cruel and powerful and you know you’re being trapped but you still can’t say no. To make sure you’re hers, she tells you to cum inside of her. She’s not on birth control. She wants to get pregnant. She wants to have you, completely. You cum deep inside her pussy, and she tells you she can’t wait to make your ex-wife jealous. | Tags: long hair, brunette, big tits, big boobs, natural tits, titty fucking, dirty talk, home wrecker, impregnation fantasy, role play, riding, cowgirl, female domination, creampie, cream pie, POV

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