jaybbgirl – Your Sister And The Invisibility Potion HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Blonde, POV, Virtual Sex

(Happy April Fools Day!) What is this? It looks and smells like water. An invisibility potion? I don’t believe you, are you serious? Hmmm. Okay. Bottoms up! Well. Can you see me, did it work? Oh, you can still see my clothes. I guess I have to take them off to be completely invisible. There. Now you can’t see me at all right? Good. While thinking you can’t see her Jay, as your sister, does things that she’s wanted to do for a long time and now finally has the confidence to do since she think you can’t see her. Things like masturbating in front of you, sucking your cock, and even “tricking” you into fucking her.

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