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I am looking everywhere for my batteries. I know there were some in my controller and they are not there anymore. I go room to room checking every drawer I can find looking for some extra batteries, and none are to be found anywhere. Finally I just give up and go looking for my mom I bet she knows where I can find some batteries. Upon opening her bedroom door, I notice she is using all the batteries in her sex toys. I want to walk away but I just can’t stop watching her. As my cock starts to get hard I am so confused but aroused at the same time, then it happens I sneeze and blow my cover. Shocked mom yells at me to come in the room, I try to say I can’t and she tells me to get in there now! So I walk in the room with an obvious erection and look at her covered up. Mom then says “well I see why you were lingering around my bedroom door now”. Do you like watching mommy she asks? I don’t know it kind of just happened I respond. I see your rock hard cock you know, and this has me thinking. These batteries are just about gone too and mommy needs her release. Get over here and be mommy’s sex toy! Sex toy, taboo, milf, family, related, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, creampie, cum in pussy, cream pie, 1080

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