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It’s my Wedding Day and I’m getting ready, My groom’s step-dad comes in to check on me. I’m a bit nervous. He compliments me on how sexy I look. He then confess to me that his step-son is very lucky and he’s jealous of him because he loves big boobs. One thing leads to another, he tells me that I will never be able to have sex with another man ever again after today. Then he’s flirting with me. He finally convinced me to try on the more experienced version of my future husband! I have sex with my groom’s step-dad (“mr j” at first, then David) and both promise never to say anything. I play innocent sweet at the beginning. I’m excited but feel guilty once I start having sex ( I say things like “i want you to stop but I don’t want you to stop, david” etc ). Then I am horny and enjoy passionate sex. I have a couple orgasms on his cock ( I keep telling him how much bigger his cock is and how his step-son hasn’t made me orgasm ) During sex, my groom calls and I talk to him for a couple minutes reassuring him that I’ll be there soon. Then, David creampies me (no penetration or cum visible in the video). I came so many times!! I’m ready for my BIG DAY now!

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