ImMeganLive – TRAPPED TO BREED ME HD 1080p

I play the horny wife and I really want some fun with my husband. This scene is all in sensual domination theme. I am the boss in my relationship. First he says that he is tired but I seduce him and then he agrees. So I made plan how to get his cum inside me to get pregnant because I know that he always wants to use condom or he is very careful not to cum inside me. So this time I tie him up and start my femdom game with him. I give him sensual blowjob and I try to build his orgasm. Then I start to ride him but he wants condom again so I put it on. I start to become more dominant and ride him hard, acting more seducingly dominant. I say “”shhh, there is no point to fight it””shhh, there is no point to fight it” and lots of sensual dominant talk like that. I tease him, smother him with my tits a little. Then I pull him out and take the condom off. He wants me to stop but I slowly put him back inside and with eye contact I again fuck him. He is trying to stop me but he is tied tight and my pussy feel so good. So I give him a deal. He doesn’t have to cum inside me but he has to fuck me without condom in missionary position. So he agrees and I untie him. He starts fucking me missionary. I move my hips against him. I try to rush his cum and when he is ready to cum and wants pull out, I wrap my legs around his body so he can’t pull out & cum inside me. When he cums I just lay there still with him inside to get every last drop and then I tell him that he will be step-daddy and kiss him. End. (Cum not visible as hand keeps sperm inside for better impregnation results)

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