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The complete series you loved, all 6 parts together. The evolving story of a stepmom who wants to become friends with her stepson and is willing to cross the line in order to spend more time with him.

Part 1

I’m new to this family, I really want to be friends with my new step son and be a good step mom you know. So, I’m trying different approach, going to the movie with him, play chess games, even go to the water park! Nothing worked, he’s obsessed with his videos games and prefers to be alone. On another day, just before I prepare dinner, I’ve let him know that I was to go take a shower first. What happened next was kind of unexpected! He peaked at me while I was fully naked in there washing myself!

Part 2

Monday morning, my husband’s at work, I tell Kyle, my new step son, that we need to talk and asked him to meet me in the living room. I confronted him with the fact that I saw him peaking at me while I was in the shower before. He admitted it. Since his dad wants us to be friends so bad and everything I’ve tried before didn’t work, I finally found something he’s interested in, my body. I removed my bathrobe to reveal my body in sexy lingerie and asked him to take down his pants, he saw me naked it’s only fair that I see him too. I gave him some lube so he can jerk off while I teased him with my body. This really bring us closer, since we share a secret now, he has no choice but to spend time with me to become best friends.

Part 3

…The next morning, I called him over the phone to come back home. Since we became best friends last time, I was in the mood to do some more activities with him. So we went in the living where I prepared the chess board. He had something totally different in mind! So we made a deal, if I win, we get to watch a movie after the game, but if he wins, we still get to watch a movie but he gets a naughty reward on top of that! (You’re not going to see us play chess, simply a few transitioning seconds of it Smile ) . Obviously, I suck at this game so I won. He got his reward first. I got the lub, oiled my hands and started to stroke his cock (And it was already rock hard!) Keeping eye contact the whole time, he really loves his new best friend / stepmom Smile I made sure to make him cum so we could watch my favorite movie

Part 4

…on the following day, I was getting ready to go to my Yoga class. I went into my step son’s bedroom to ask my new best friend if he wanted to join me. He systematically declined the offer, told me no man’s interested in Yoga. I was disappointed because he promised we would spend more time together and do more activities. So I asked if I would give him a naughty reward if he’d come with me or not. He didn’t even hesitate, “Yoga every day!” he said! I really wanted him to come with me to my class, so I went through with the reward. I started with a handjob for a minute, but just to fool him, I had something even naughtier in mind. I took off my bra and started to give him his first titjob between his step mom’s big tiits until he came!

Part 5

We’re on the next day…walking in my new black bikini toward the backyard to lay down beside the pool to get a little bit of sunshine when my step son bumped into me. I was happy to see him and I asked if he was interested in joining me outside to chill out. But AGAIN…he was more interested in his video games than spending time with his step mom. So…I had to offer him a reward ahead of time in order to convince him to spend some time with me. We went into his room, he laid down naked while I was walking toward his cock on the bed. He thought I was going for a handjob, but not today! I opened my sloppy mouth and started to suck his big cock. I made sure to make him happy by letting him cum in my mouth and swallowing every single drop in order to spend some quality time by the pool with him!

Part 6

Weekend arrived and I announce my step son that his dad and I are interested in buying a beach house. We need to visit one, but like always, my husband is working and he’s not available. So, I ask him instead if he’d like to join me, always more fun to have someone else opinion as well. He declined the invitation because he prefers to go to his friend’s party, there’s going to be booze and fun girls. I decide to convince him otherwise and join me instead for the weekend, but I have to step up the rewards if I wanna win this one. So we’re going to his bedroom, getting undressed, and I suck his cock a little to make him hard for what comes next. I’m sitting on him and start riding him. His dick felt so good, way better than his dad. I turned around and started to ride him reverse cowgirl and let him slap my ass. Finally, he asked me if he could fuck me doggy style and I accepted. Even let him creampie me! (No cum visible to camera/implicit) This is the final part of this series.

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