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I walk in to my step-daughter’s room and I find Gabriella lying down on her bed, and she is watching a video of my wife on her phone! She has a light pink dress on as I sneak up behind Gabriella and I lift her dress up. She still has the video of her step-mom on her phone, as I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy. I keep fucking her pussy in the doggy style position as her big ass bounces up and down on my cock. “Yes, fuck that pussy! Fuck that pussy!” she moans. I take my cock out of her pussy and I let her suck my cock and taste her own pussy juice. Then she lies down in the missionary position and I fuck her pussy again, while she watches a video of her step-mom. “Cory is so hot!” she moans, while I fuck her. I start to fuck her pussy harder and her moans get even louder now. I cum deep inside of her pussy, and then I run off to take a shower…

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“Luke! I need a towel!” I hear my step-daughter, Gabriella, yelling from the bathroom. I walk in to the bathroom to find her completely naked, waiting for me to hand her the towel. I give her a towel and she starts to dry her body off. I begin to leave, but she tells me that she wants me to stay in the bathroom with her. “It’s just us… Let’s play a little…” she suggests to me. “Okay… sure,” I tell her. She gets down on her knees and she starts to slowly give me a blowjob. She licks and sucks my hard cock on the bathroom floor. After a few minutes, she stands up and she bends over in the doggy style position for me. I start to fuck her pussy from behind while I stare at her big ass. Then she gets in to the missionary position and I fuck her pussy while I watch her big tits bounce up and down. I put my hand around her throat as I keep fucking my step-daughter’s tight pussy. When I get close to cumming, I tell her to get on her knees, open her mouth wide, and stare up at me. I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face!

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