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Watch what happens when Mom takes her son on a trip to Mexico as part of a “Single Moms & Their Sons Club” initiation vacation! I had absolutely no idea that these Moms were up to something VERY different… and I didn’t believe it until I heard It through the walls! Was I on a vacation for single moms who were fucking their own sons!??!?!?! What is HAPPENING!?!?!? DO I WANNA FUCK MINE TOO!?!??! I start to unravel little by little as my son seduces me, making my naughty mama confessions until I finally give in and let loose Wink This is how the story unfolded on our vacation in Mexico, and ended in one of the absolute hottest sex scenes I’ve ever done! And with my SUN of all people! ************************ tags: mom/son, stepmom/stepson, roleplay, sensual sex, intimate, handjob, blowjob, buttplug, fingering, ass, dick bouncing, dick sucking, dirty talk, brunette, curly hair, phat pussy, cumming , orgasm, POV sex, curly hair, vacation, cock, boy/girl, gopro, moaning, public, vlog, all natural, no makeup, sex, mom son sex

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