Emma Starletto – Step-Sister gets a Super-Crush after I Stick up for Her HD 1080p

From: Primal’s POV Family Lust

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My step-sister Emma is like the sweetest girl ever. She would do ANYTHING for me and when the d-back she was dating goes to far I have to cuck his punk ass. I’m not some kind of tough guy,m but he’s just a little bitch that had it coming and I was MAD. I am sure to get in some trouble but step-mom’s boyfriend is a lawyer so probably not a lot and it was worth it.

I’m just relaxing on the couch when Emma comes in. She heard what happened and she is worried for me, and thankful. I mean, thankful in a way I never expected or would have asked for. I mean, sure I thought about her like that, a lot, but I NEVER would have done anything about it, but, she has been thinking about me the same way I guess. And now she wants to thank me…for being her man?

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