Dolly Little – Lil Step-Sis Seduces Big Step-Brother for Test Answers… HD 1080p

From: Family Manipulation

How cute and innocent does my lil step-sis look in her school uniform? Well looks can be deceiving cause she knows how to be very naughty! She wants big step-brother to give her the answers to the upcoming test, and knows just how to get them from him!

Watch as she slowly strips out of her uniform and shows off her white cotton underware to big step-brother. But that’s not all that she lets him do… Watch as she bends over the teachers desk and invites big step-brother to sink his rock hard man meat deep inside her spread snatch, letting him stroke her hole nice and slow allowing his nuts to swell up with cum.

Then she opens up her mouth wide and let’s big step-brother unload every drop deep down her throat, and swallows up every one of her brothers babies down into her belly. …and yes, she passed the exam!

***Starring Dolly Little***

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