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Stepmom is wearing a new red lace dress. You can hear her rustling around so you peak your head up the stairs to have a look at what she’s up to. Her lingerie looks amazing on her, the perfect outfit for a sexy British housewife. Stop thinking like that! She’s your stepmother! But you cant help it. You watch her, quietly spying on her while she takes selfies wearing this lingerie. You can’t believe it, she starts to show her tits and ass, taking all sorts of perverted photos! This can’t be real, she’s your stepmother for goodness sake! You slip up and make a noise, and she definitely hears you. She catches you perving and spying on her while she thinks she is in the privacy of her own home! She calls you upstairs and starts to scold you! How many times has she told you not to sneak up on people?! She is clearly embarrassed, and tries to explain herself. She insists we can never tell anyone else about this! She tells you she was struggling to take some good pictures by herself, and asks you if you’d be up for taking a few for her. You have already seen her doing it after all. You would be an idiot to say no, so you take her phone, and she begins to pose for you. She does a variety of poses before eventually showing her tits, and she even flashes you her pussy. She is having fun, and so are you.

She eventually tells you of a picture she has always wanted to see. She wants to take a photo while she is giving a blow job. She has never done that before and wants to know what it would look like. It takes some convincing, but she has made you promise to keep it a secret, and you have always thought about her like that. She takes your dick out and starts taking selfies with it in her mouth. It’s amazing, you can hardly contain yourself.

She keeps sucking you, asking you to take the camera from her and take more pictures. This is the best day of your life. Your dream has come true, but nobody else can ever know! She makes you swear on it over and over again. If you’re going to keep it a secret, she better make it worth your while. She asks you to cum on her face while she takes selfies with your dick in her face. She starts fingering herself while you jack off staring at her tits, pussy and mouth and she takes selfie after selfie! You cum all over her and she gets the photos she has always wanted. Now you will never speak of this again!

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