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Come in here and see me for a minute sweetie, we need to have a talk.

It’s about your new girlfriend. Honey, she isn’t right for you.

I am the one who has there since the day you was born, and I carried you for 9 months, there’s no one who knows you better than me. I can tell that you’re nervous so you calm you down . Come here, I want to show you what I can do for you.

I begin to seductively remove my top and bra and tell you that you used to suck on these breasts and

I confess that it actually turned me on.

Then I continue getting undressed and show you my pussy,

and I explain that’s where you came from and you need to go back in there.

I ask you to unzip your pants and pull put your throbbing manhood. I begin to stroke your cock, remarking how big it’s gotten since the last time you saw it. I then tell you that I made that cock and there’s no one who could treat it as well as you can, and you start to give you a blowjob. After a couple minutes I climb on top of you and start riding your throbbing dick.

All the while talking about how you are back in the pussy you came from. I finally let him cum in me and then explain that if he dumps his girlfriend he can have this every day.

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