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Step Mom Wants To Play a Game

My step-mom, Nikki, walks into the kitchen and offers me some coffee. I don’t like coffee, so I tell her no. She is wearing a dark green, provocative dress as she asks me to play a game with her. How about we play a game… Let’s see if you can get hard before the coffee is done! I’ve been so lonely lately with your step-dad traveling all the time… she tells me. Okay! I don’t think I’ll get hard though! I exclaim. She bends over and she lifts her dress up; Then she slowly pulls her g-string down. You’re cheating! I cry out. She puts her leg up on the table and she starts to rub her pussy in front of me. I can no longer stop myself from getting hard! My step-mom walks towards me and then she gets down on her knees. She pulls my hard cock out from under my pants and she puts it in her mouth. She starts to give me a nice, warm blowjob and it feels great! She asks me if I want to fuck her, and I nod my head yes! She sits down in the kitchen chair and she spreads her legs for me. I shove my cock deep inside of my step-mom’s pussy and I thrust back and forth. All of a sudden, I cum inside of her! Oh no, Luke! Did you accidentally… cum inside of me… she slowly questions me. I guess I don’t know what I’m doing just yet!

5 Reasons To Fuck Your StepMom

I walk into the kitchen and I find my step-mom wearing a black dress, and she is standing next to a white board. On the white board, she starts to list 5 reasons why I should have sex with her. I can’t believe how horny she is! After she lists all 5 reasons, she lifts her dress up and she starts to play with her pussy in front of me. Her tits are also pulled out from under her dress, and I can feel my cock getting hard! My step-mom sits down on the edge of the couch and she spreads her legs for me. I rub my cock all over her pussy, before I shove my cock deep inside of her. She starts to moan louder and louder for me. Tell your slutty step-mom when to cum! she moans. Not yet! I want to cum deep inside of your pussy first! I tell her. I keep thrusting my cock inside of her, until I cum deep inside of her pussy.

Free Use Is a Puzzle

You wanted to see me? I ask my step-mom, Nikki, while she’s lying down on the couch in a green onesie. I’ve really been enjoying our games lately! How about we play one where you will either cum inside of my pussy or cum on my face at the end, depending on if I can figure out how to make the puzzle. I find the hardest puzzle I can find, and I hand it to her. I get behind her and I start to fuck her in the doggystyle position, while she begins to make the puzzle. I shove my cock in her mouth and then I go back to fucking her pussy while she tries to figure out the incredibly hard puzzle! My step-mom finally realizes that the puzzle is too hard for her to figure out, so she loses! I get to cum all over my step-mom’s pretty face! We move over to the couch so I can fuck her pussy some more, before I explode all over my face and in her mouth.

Give Step Mom The Leche

My step-mom is sitting on her bed, chatting with me. She is wearing a white, lingerie nightgown and drinking coffee in bed. All of a sudden, my Aunt Cory walks in to the room and she is wearing red lingerie. Do you think you’ll be able to get hard and fuck us both? they giggle. My step-mom spreads her legs for me, so I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy. My aunt Cory watches me fuck my step-mom as she rubs my step-mom’s nipples. After a few minutes, my step-mom bends over in the doggy style position and I fuck her slowly from behind. Cory starts to play with her pussy while she watches me fuck my step-mom. It is time for me to fuck my Aunt Cory next, and I can’t wait! She gets in to the doggy style position and I shove my cock inside of her pussy next. It’s so warm and tight! Nikki rubs her clit while she watches me fuck her step-sister now. Keep fucking her! It looks so good! My step-mom, Nikki, moans. When I get close to cumming, my step-mom and my aunt put their faces next to each other and they stick their tongues out. I cum all over my step-mom and then she kisses Cory to share the load! Wow, I hope we do this again soon…

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