Cory Chase, Cherry Poppins in Taboo in the Family

From: Bare Back Studios

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In the morning, step-dad wakes up and goes to the bathroom for a shower while. Mum proceeds to the step-daughter’s room, were she tells her it’s time to wake up. The step-daughter groans and says she wants to rest some more. Step-Mom tells she’ll have breakfast ready in 15 minutes so she better come down stairs by then. As soon as Step-Mom leaves, the step-daughter jumps up, looks out side her room to see if the coast is clear and proceeds to her parent’s bathroom.

(with shower/water noise in the background)
Mom, knowing that she had 10-15 minutes before her step-daughter and husband came downstairs,
finds her step-son in the living room and tells her simply that “we have 10 minutes”.
As soon as her step-son hears this, he gets up and eagerly starts groping step-mom. Mum drops down and gives her step-son a bj. Step-Mom drags her step-son by his cock to his room so they’ll get more privacy. In her step-son’s room they start having sex, and step-mom freely talks dirty to him. During the action step-mom hears that the water has stopped and encourages her step-son to finish. Her song blasts his load in her pussy, till ever last drop is pumped out.

She find her step-dad naked and jumps down and takes his cock in her mouth with no hesitation for a bj. Step-Dad is dumbfounded, but the step-daughter tells him that the coast is clear (step-mom is busy and step-brother’s room is down stairs)

Step-Daughter locks the door and step-dad turns on the water just in case. She gives him a bj then they have sex.
(step-daughter speaks dirty to him without restriction as the water noise out the sound) Step-Dad finishes by shooting his load in his step-daughter’s tight pussy. They get cleaned up and head down stairs.

Step-Dad is away at work so Cory and Step-Son spend some time getting closer…Step-Daddy no-longer fills Step-Mom’s needs and now it is up to Shooter to satisfy Step-Mom…

Step-Mom goes down on Shooter to fluff him up…Cory did not take long down there, Shooter was already up…Cory sat on his cock and rode him like never before…Step-Daddy cannot get hard for Cory but her step-son has no such issues…

Step-Daddy is almost home and Cory does not want a mess…She quickly goes down on Shooter and begs for his load in her mouth…Shooter does not disappoint Step-Mom and blows his load in her mouth…Just then, Step-Daddy pulls into the driveway, Step-Mom and Shooter move to separate rooms…

Cherry, Step-Mom and Shooter are sitting on the couch watching TV…There is nothing on and Cherry is bored…She wants to play a game, a naughty game…A naughty game of Truth or Dare…Step-Mom asks the first question…She wants to know the truth about Cherry and Step-Daddy…Is Cherry really napping with Step-Daddy??? Cherry has to tell the truth and admits to fucking Step-Daddy…Now it is Cherry’s turn…She wants to know if Step-Mom is fucking Shooter…Step-Mom answers with a grin and says yes!

Now for the dare portion…This is such a fun game, Step-Mom wants to give Cherry a challenge…Step-Mom dares Cherry to suck off her step-brother…Cherry has to do as step-mom commands and sucks her step-brother’s big cock…

Now for Cherry’s dare…Cherry dares Step-Mom to jerk off Shooter till he comes…Can Step-Mom make Shooter cum with his step-sister watching??? Don’t let your Step-Mom and Step-Sister down Shooter…

Step-Daddy was alone in his office working when Cherry walked in…Step-Mom was away and Cherry wanted one last romp with Step-Daddy before the weekend was over…This time Cherry wanted Step-Daddy to finish on her tits…But first he wants a taste of Cherry…Step-Daddy then slips his cock into her tight pussy filling her innermost desires…Cherry has her mind blown as she is taken over by Step-Daddy…

Cherry begs her Step-Daddy to fuck her harder and harder till he explodes onto her chest…Cherry is insatiable and rewards Step-Daddy with a free pass for a future fuck anywhere he wants…

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