Cassidy Ryan, Cory Chase – Sex Bot Trained

Scene One: New Sex Bot
Cassidy is a newly purchased sex bot. Top of the line with all functions she is made to run through those functions one at a time. “Yes master I will obey” she says to every command. Doll mode, where she is used like a toy. Girl mode, where she says “Hi daddy” In a girly voice. Testing out the last mode, Sex bot mode, Cassidy is made to get on the couch and spread her legs. With her panties in full view she’s told to rub herself for her master. “Yes master I will obey” she says. As she rubs she pulls her panties to the side and starts her orgasm program. “Yes, Yes orgasm” she says loudly. “orgasm overload yes yes, overload malfunction malfunction” and she stands up and shuts down.

Scene Two: Test Drive
Panicked he tries to reset Cassidy looking through her manual. Pulling open her shirt he finds her reset button and powers her back on “reset thank you master” she says with a start. He has her lift up her skirt and show off her ass before having her take off her bra. He wants to make sure she can still function so he tells her to play with her tits and orgasm for him. “Yes master, yes this is wonderful” she says bringing herself closer to orgasm. “Orgasm orgasm!” She shouts “Overload, malfunction malfunction!” and shuts down. There has to be a short circuit somewhere he says. Reading the manual he decides to call the help desk.
His wife Cory comes home to find the new robot still shutdown. “very cute” she says looking at her. Cory tries to get her to turn on but can’t seem to find the switch. Grabbing a charger she puts it between Cassidy’s legs and twists. “Sex bot fully charged, thank you master” Cassidy says.

Scene Three: Limp
“Sex bot power down” Cory tells it. The sex bot falls lifelessly to the couch. Cory checks the bot over looking for damage or broken parts from shipping. She strips off the robots clothes slowly one article at a time.
Moving her body around Cory inspects every inch of Cassidy’s tight robot body. Cory can’t help herself but to touch the robot’s perky breasts. Her pussy getting wet, Cory rubs the robot’s clit moaning as she turns herself on having a young girl all to herself.

Scene Four: Maid Function
Naked and spread on the couch Cassidy robot is powered on. “Yes master I will obey” Cory goes to get the new uniform the robot will be wearing. A too tight too short maid outfit will be perfect for her to clean the house with. The perfect robot maid. Cassidy vacuums the living room bending over to show her perfect ass. Cory gives her ass a feel, Oh this will work out great.

Scene Five: Sexual Override
Cory downloads a lesbian program into the robot and commands “Remove my clothing”. “Yes master I will obey” Cory makes the robot strip until they are both naked. “Sex bot, grope my tits” Cory commands. The robot does as she’s told pleasing her master. Telling her to lick and suck on her tits Cory loses herself to pleasure from the robot.
“Lick my pussy” Cory tells her and the robot goes to work. Never getting tired and never questioning Cassidy robot pleases her master fully, her tongue licking Cory like she’s never been licked before.

Scene Six: Overload
With her tongue deep in Cory’s pussy the robot yells “Malfunction malfunction, I do not fuck lesbian mother” With a start the robot grabs Cory’s neck and begins to tighten around her. Cory scream and chokes.
“I am not a lesbian, Now you are my slave” the robot yells. Pushing Cory’s face into her pussy, Cassidy makes Cory lick her saying “Now you give me oral pleasure until I orgasm!” Robot Cassidy cums hard on Cory and lets her go. She stands up and yells “Daddy, I’m ready” leaving the room. Pulling herself together and wiping her mouth Cory says to herself “That’s a big malfunction”

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Duration: 00:37:19
Video: 854×480