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Scene 2: Sexy Swimwear
Daughter leads step-dad at the pool and instructs him to wait there as she goes and changes into her next outfit. Step-Daughter returns wearing a skimpy bathing suit, instantly grabbing Step-Dad’s attention. Step-Daughter models the bathing suit, teasing step-dad as she draws closer and closer. “So…..what other inappropriate acts do you do at school?” asks Step-Dad in a joking manner; Step-Daughter moves over to the chair and sits down, spreading her legs and gently rubbing her breasts and clit. “Well step-daddy, sometimes I let the boys taste my moist pussy.” Moans step-daughter, arching her head back. Step-Father quickly gets down on his knees and proceeds to slowly lick and kiss step-daughter’s clit and pussy, causing her to moan louder and louder. “Finger me step-daddy, oh please work that tongue!” begs step-daughter; Step-Dad inserts two fingers into her wet pussy and fingers her as he continues to lick her clit. Moments later, step-daughter suddenly grabs step-dad’s head as she orgasms loudly, unable to control her spasms. “Do you want Step-Daddy’s hard cock inside you?” asks step-father pulling his pants to reveal a partial hard on; step-daughter quickly grabs his cock and proceeds to jerk and suck his cock viciously.

“Oh step-daddy, please fuck me; I want your hard cock!” demands step-daughter, as she winks and rubs her breasts; step-dad pulls the bottom part of her bathing suit open and slowly inserts his cock into step-daughter’s wet, tight pussy. Step-Dad fucks step-daughter in the missionary position, slowly at first then faster and faster, causing both of them to moan in ecstasy louder and louder. “Oh step-daddy, fuck me from behind please!” begs step-daughter; step-dad obliges and quickly moves into position and begins fucking her wildly from behind. Step-Daughter moans louder and louder from the feel of step-dad’s cock until she screams loudly as she orgasms; “Oh God, I’m going to cum!” warns step-dad trying to pull out of step-daughter who backs up into him closer. “It’s OK Step-Daddy, I want to feel your cum deep inside me; cum for your little girl!” says step-daughter licking her lips. Step-Dad suddenly screams loudly as he explodes deep inside of his little girl; he thrusts for several moments before they both collapse on the chair and lay there, kissing each other. “Wow Step-Daddy, I love the way your cock feels inside of me. I can’t wait to show you my next outfit. “She says kissing Step-Dad before leaving the room. “Fuck, how many outfits did she get?” asks Step-Dad quickly following behind step-daughter.

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