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Scene 3: Just like Step-Mom
Dad finds step-daughter in the kitchen wearing a dress similar to one that Step-Mom wears often to seduce Step-Dad. “Don’t I look just like step-mommy?” ask step-daughter posing for Step-Dad. Step-Dad whistles and compliments step-daughter on how hot she looks. “I saw you and step-mommy the other morning in here step-daddy; is this how she did it?” asks Step-Daughter approaching Step-Dad and rubbing his cock through is shorts. “Oh yeah baby……can you show me what else step-mom does?” asks Step-Dad giving Step-Daughter a little kiss. Step-Daughter giggles and drops to her knees, pulling step-dad’s cock out before quickly jerking and giving him a loud, sloppy blow job; the sheer noises Step-Daughter makes as she slurps drives Step-Dad insane, causing him to become full erect quickly. “Oh Step-Daddy, fuck me like you fuck step-mommy!” teases step-daughter as she bends over the table and lifts the dress, exposing her naked ass to Step-Dad. Step-Dad quickly sticks his hard cock into step-daughter and proceeds to fuck her doggy style; the table shakes as step-daughter moans from Step-Dad’s thrusting as she tries grabs onto it. “God Step-Daddy, yes; I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me again!” moans step-daughter louder and louder as she rapidly rubs her clit. Step-Dad thrusts hard into Step-Daughter causing her to scream as she orgasms violently, causing her entire body to shake.

Step-Daughter breathes heavily for a moment before laying down on the kitchen island and spreading her legs, motioning Step-Dad to join her; Step-Dad climbs on top of Step-Daughter and proceeds to continue fucking her rapidly only this time in the missionary position. “Give it to me Step-Daddy, give it to me, GIVE ME YOUR CUM NOW!” demands step-daughter loudly as she moans. Step-Dad thrusts into her several hard times until he lets out a large scream, he cums deep inside her as her pussy clamps down on his cock and refuses to let go until she has all of his hot semen. Step-Dad thrusts shallowly several times until he collapses on top of step-daughter; she strokes his hair and kisses him gently as she giggles. “Step-Daddy, I have saved the best outfit for last.” teases step-daughter before she pushes Step-Dad off of her and exits the room. “Damn, she going to wear me out!” laughs step-dad laying on the floor for a moment catching his breath before exiting the room to see the last outfit Step-Daughter has bought.

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