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Honey- I need to talk to you. I have a confession to make. I came home early for lunch and saw you and your girlfriend ” in the act”. I know exactly what she was doing under the covers. I am not upset about that at all since I know you are very sexuallly active at this age.I’m sure you have sex and get your cock sucked all the time. What concerns me is that you weren’t enjoying it at all. You would be gripping th headboard ready to blow if I would have been the one under those covers. I think that I need to step in and show you what a MILF /COUGAR can do. Show you what good sex and fantastic blow jobs feel like. We do have to keep thisbetween us because you know your step-dad and your girlfriend would NOT be able to handle this. So- promise me this will jusst be between you and I ok honey? That way the next time your prude of a girlfriend decides to suck your cock or fuck you you will be able to tell her and show her the correct way to do it! I will be helping you and her in the long run. I am going to start by having you stroke your cock to get really hard for me and then I am going to go down on you and show you what a REAL blowjob feels like. I start with the tip of your cock and then ram your long shaft down my throat. I will then turn around and have you fuck me doggy style. I want you to pound me hard and go in me as deep as you can. You won’t need to wear a condom with me so the feeling ill be much more intense than it is with your girlfrind. It’s time to show you what GOOD SEX is like honey. Go ahead- unzip those pants and let’s get started.

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