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And Really Horny Too

Dear Diary,
Not long after things heated up between me and Uncle Phil he went away with Step-Daddy for the weekend. While they were away Grandpa was staying at the house to make sure I was ok. When I left for my party I was sure he’d be resting when I got back but lucky for me I was wrong.
Grandpa was wide awake when I came stumbling in at like 2 in the morning and plopped don next to him. The drinks had me super horny and since Grandpa was the only man around I came on to him pretty strong. Before I knew it we were fucking on the couch like a couple of sex crazed college freshmen. Grandpa made me feel so good it almost didn’t phase me when he exploded inside me. Whats the worst that can happen?

Xo Audrey,

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