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I’ve been re-married and have devoted myself to my new husband whom is a pastor and take great pride in being a good pastor’s wife. Recently I had an awkward encounter with my step son. He was peeking in the bathroom while I was fully nude showering. He said he was sorry and that he couldn’t hear the shower running because he had his headphones in. But something about his smirk and lingering stare gave me the feeling he had done it all on purpose. Later that day I also noticed that a pair of my favorite bra and panties had gone missing. I had recently done laundry and was very confused by this but didn’t connect it at the time that this had anything to do with my step son. The next day I was tidying up while everyone was out, including my step son who was at the mall. I had the instinct to go through his room and snoop since he had been acting weird lately. Much to my surprise I had found the bra and panties that I was missing in his dresser drawer. They hadn’t even gone through the wash. Could he have been getting off to my worn under garments? When I opened his tablet, a picture of a fully nude female popped up with her legs spread wide open. She was a more mature female not even a girl around his age. I turned to the Lord and prayed as to the horror of what I have found. When I stood up, I must’ve been sitting on the remote because when the TV turned on it was a porn video of a step mom fucking her son. She was on his knees sucking his cock. I was shocked but also disgusted with myself feeling so aroused. I had watched porn many years before I had given my life to Jesus but couldn’t help but have a moment to myself and indulge in self pleasure as I finger my pussy on my step sons bed to the porn. Time must have slipped away from me because next thing I know my step son walks in on me while my fingers are deep inside my wet cunt. I’m beyond mortified and embarrassed. I try to change the subject by calling him out on what I’ve found in his room. He claims he took my bra and panties to get my measurements because he wanted to buy me a gift at the mall. And sure enough he had bought me a brand new pair of lingerie and stockings. I told him how inappropriate the gift was. He began threatening to tell his father what I was doing in his bedroom. I tried to keep authority over him and not show him how scared I was of his threats but deep down knew that his father would never forgive the shameful act I had done, especially doing it in his son’s bedroom. So we made a deal: I would put on the lingerie and make him cum. I couldn’t believe what I had just agreed to and didn’t want him to see me naked so I told him to turn around and not peek while I dress. I could still feel his gaze on me as I put on the lingerie set. I’m not someone that usually wears lingerie as my husband and I are both very religious and don’t do buy things like lingerie, so I hardly knew how to put it on but was shocked as to how sexy it made me feel. He started to get hard and undress, I told him that this wasn’t a part of the deal. In my head I had imagined that we would both stay dressed for this. I wanted to get it over with and the longer we debated about this, the bigger chance that we’d waste time and my husband would be home before before we knew it. So I gave in and got down on my knees. This is something I had never done before and my step son was not holding back, he was being very rough using my mouth. He even made me do very dirty things like lick his balls. I figured a boy his age wouldn’t last long and would cum right away. But much to my surprise he was lasting a very long time. He then wanted me to tit fuck him which is something I didn’t even know about. I took out my tits and began to stroke his cock. I begged him to hurry and cum but he wanted more. He wanted me to sit on top of his cock and fuck him. I had only had sex in the missionary position before but it felt so amazing and I once again lost control and gave in to riding my step son’s cock. I came so hard! I don’t usually orgasm from sex. After that I got down on my knees and sucked his cock some more. During that my husband walked through the front door and started looking for me. He could hear both of us in our son’s bedroom with the door closed. My husband surely knew something was up so with my step son’s cock in hand, I had to come up with a quick excuse as to why he couldn’t come in. I told my husband we were working on something for my husbands birthday (even though it wasn’t for another few months). He bought it though and went off to our master bedroom. That bought us some time and I was able to focus on my step son’s throbbing cock again. All this excitement made him blow a huge load all over my face. I was so turned on by it all. I guess I like really dirty taboo sex after all….

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