Alina West – Ill Show You Where It Hurts HD 720p


Starring Alina West and Rock

Rock is been having this horrible pain in his testicles lately. Its really causing him a lot of discomfort, so he goes to the doctor. Hes in the gown, lying on the exam table when the nurse comes in and starts asking him a few questions. She starts feeling around his lower abdomen, asking if the pressure causes discomfort, but that all seems to be fine. He places her hand on his dick and she recoils, feeling weird about the situation. Yeah, shes a nurse but something about his forwardness is really off-putting. She tells him shell get the doctor if he wants a testicular exam because this is wildly inappropriate, but hes persistent. He just wants the exam, but shes uncomfortable because hes been back 3 times this month already for being sick or in pain.She starts telling him off when he slaps the special watch on his wrist. She freezes in her tracks immediately. Now he can get the immediate medical attention that he needs. He begins by having her touch his cock with her cold, clean hands. Then he places her mouth on his dick and fucks her face. She has such beautiful lips, it feels amazing. Then he bends her over the exam table and fucks her from behind for a while before flipping her over on her back.He fucks her in different positions, all while shes frozen stiff. But her pussy is still soft and wet so what does it matter. Her lacy pink panties are still stuck around her ankles and her shoes are still on. Its so hot, he finally cums. Finished with his business and feeling much better, he leaves.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Timestop, Fucking, Blowjobs, Face Fucking, Medical, Nurse Costume, Posing, Statue, Lift &Carry, Role Play, Stiff.

Category: FREEZE
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