Alex Coal – Former Intern Looks for Payback but Gets the Channel Changed – Remote Control HD 1080p (2021)

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Alex was an intern for Mr Masters company for a few years and she has always wanted payback for being treated like she was just a great set of tits and ass walking around. Well now she is a higg-priced lawyer and she is happy to deliver some very unpleasent papers to Mr Masters personally. He doesn’t give her the reaction she wants and as she begins to go on a rant Mr Masters decides to use the newly developed “remote control” he has been testing to give her a more positive attitude. And who is more positive than a cheerleader?

The problem with Alex is that she didn’t have the “anything you need” attitude that an intern is supposed to have, maybe there is a channel for a more giving, submissive Alex?

Finally Mr Masters changes her channel to “school girl” and Alex is anxious to learn how to take a dick deep in her

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Duration: 01:21:17
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